Jamie’s Italian in London

Having heard great things about Jamie’s Italian, I was really looking forward to trying it out. Where better to try it right? We paid about £27 per person for the meal so I guess it was quite okay considering we had a sharing platter and a dessert aside from our mains.

We went to the branch near Covent Garden (11 Upper St Martin’s Lane, London. WC2H 9FB). Pretty much anywhere near Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus or Charing Cross is within walking distance. I’ve pretty much covered all that space on foot! Haha it’s fairly easy to find because it’s just by the road when you walk by it. Of course also use the good old trusty Google Maps 😛

Be sure to be there slightly before the dinner crowd (about 6pm?) so that you don’t have to wait too long as it’s pretty packed there!

Cured Meats Plank (£7.15 per person)

Since we were a party of three, we ordered the famous Cured Meats Plank (£7.15 per person) 🙂 It’s a good thing they allowed us to order the plank for two instead of three because we weren’t sure we were gonna enjoy it at first. Very well presented and the different meats were good! Not much of a cheese lover, I didn’t appreciate the cheese as much. But it’s still worth a try!

Lamb Chops Scottaditta (£18.95)

I do love my meats so I decided to go with a lamb chop instead because it sounded so good on the menu. I was quite disappointed when it was served because the plate looked too huge for the food and everything looked quite pathetic. It was still really tasty and filling though! It looks burnt in the photo but it really isn’t hahaha.

100z-Dry-Aged Rib-Eye (£22.50)

The rib-eye steak with portebello mushrooms and chips looked so much better than mine! It was really tender and juicy as well. Looked soooo good, would’ve gone back again just to try it if not for financial constraints hahaha #poorstudentlife / It’s a recommendation if you go to Jamie’s Italian!

We ended our hearty meal with a sinful ice-cream with chocolate lava cake (Molten Chocolate Praline Pudding, £6.50) *-* Best dessert ever, and exceptionally yummy at Jamie’s. I didn’t have the best photo of it so I’m sorry 🙁

We really should’ve taken a group photo in the restaurant. The restaurant atmosphere was really homely because it was dimly lit so we all felt enough privacy at our tables to talk. It wasn’t particularly noisy either so it was felt quite nice. Our waiter was really friendly and nice so it was all good!

Aside from enjoying good food, it was a good place for us to bond over dinner conversation. It was our first good dinner in London and the first time Hazel and I bonded with another friend from the summer programme LOL. Don’t take it as though we’re anti-social! Just not a fan of crowds.

More of my summer in Europe & London to come 🙂


With love,