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Europe escapades

Returning home with tons of photos from our Europe escapades, I wasted no time trying to put them all together and up on the blog. Here’s what I’ve been doing with some small free time I’ve had recently:

Crooked roofs, cobblestone streets & canals
Chilled Heineken in the heat
Raunchy window-shopping in Amsterdam

Breezy morning cycling in Edam
Colourful wooden clogs
All that was nice at St. Goar

Photo diary: Lucerne
A quiet European Sunday
Photo diary: Mt Pilatus, Switzerland

A small piece of Austria

Photo diary: Venice

In love with Rome

Such an eye-opener: Vatican City

Leaning Tower of Pisa: Checked!
Making memories in Florence

An evening at Monaco & Monte Carlo

Mornings in Nice
The unforgettable South of France
Our kind of night out

Beautiful skies in Avignon

Lyon | Gastronomical city of France

Paris on Bastille Day
Buckingham Palace tour
Château de Fontainebleau
First sights of Paris
The magnificent landmark of Paris
First sights of London
Jamie’s Italian in London
Living in London
Museums of London | Victoria & Albert Museum

Really really thankful and amazed at how Yibo and I got to see so much together and ticked off so many places off the world map. Of course, this won’t be all 🙂

I very nearly lost all my pictures last week and basically my whole life worth of .jpg .gif .png .mp4 .whateverelseyoucanthinkof because my hard drive crashed and was not detectable on my laptop.

Had a mini (is it really mini?) heart attack and semi(really?)-mental breakdown whilst my data was trying to be retrieved. Goodness, I would’ve been in a state of depression for a good while if I lost all my memories from Europe 🙁

Anyhoo, I managed to retrieve all of my data from my hard drive, which I am VERY relieved and happy about. Once I manage to catch somewhat of a breather from school, I shall begin to share all my photos from the trip.

With love,