contiki travel partners

My travel companion

Unlike most of other couples our age, Yibo and I have never went on a trip together before. I was beyond excited when we booked our Europe getaway before my exchange at Imperial College!

People always say travelling together lets you discover more about each other and potentially causes you to have more arguments (LOL) so I was a little worried as well at the start, but I’d say everything went quite smoothly!

(He might beg to differ though lol.)

We spent a whole 3 weeks in each other’s company, with no one else. Thinking back, I don’t think we had many arguments? Being on a trip together, you can’t avoid each other for too long anyways, so I guess we made up quicker too hahaha.

Am thankful for such a reliable and dependable travel partner with me on our Europe adventure. We were on a Contiki tour so we probably had much less to worry about, but I’m glad we were both quite similar as to what we wanted on a holiday (taking lots of pictures :P)! We were also in high spirits throughout the trip so all was good 🙂

I think I don’t vocalise my appreciation for him enough, and he goes whining to others about how he suffered throughout the trip!!! Such lies. I was very well taken care of 🙂 Well he washed the clothes and packed most of the things in the morning while I was getting ready. I also have to justify that my luggage was wayyyyy more stuffed because I was packing for my exchange as well! Yibo packed reallllly light which makes him a plus as a travel partner too 😉

As I share more photos of the trip, the fact that Yibo packed really light would get more apparent. He wears the same few t-shirts throughout the trip LOL.

So thankful that I got to see so much of Europe together with my love, looking back at all the pictures makes me fuzzy inside hehe! It also makes me happier knowing that this is only the start of our many other travel adventures to come in the future 🙂

Thank you my love, till our next trip together.


With love,