Amsterdam canals europe

Crooked roofs, cobblestone streets & canals


We spent a whole night on bus getting to Amsterdam due to ferry strikes in France, thankfully we still had a day to explore the city. We were quite tired though, considering we spent the night in the bus, trying to catch as much sleep as we could manage. Kudos to the driver who pulled an all-nighter for us to still enjoy a day tour in Amsterdam!

Europe was…HOT. I was happily expecting like cool breezes accompanied with the sun, but no it was pretty much as hot as Singapore minus the humidity. We were not expecting to have to do much washing of clothes during the trip because we didn’t expect to sweat! Turns out we were awfully wrong, damn the heat wave 🙁

“i amsterdam”

The famous ‘I amsterdam’ sign, of course we had to snap a picture of two 😉 We were given free time to have a little walkabout through all the different attractions in Amsterdam. We started off at Dam Square, where the Royal Palace was.

This was a mobile/temporary sign placed in Dam Square because there was a beach volleyball championship going on there. (They built a beach, in the middle of a square???)

Yibo and I had a little walkabout in the streets of Amsterdam. And I love to take pictures of the random buildings because the architecture in Europe just gets me. Or I guess it’s just the kind of atmospheres you see in movies and stuff, that makes everything so much more romanticised, either way, I like the European feel a lot haha.

We wandered to one of the main canals of Amsterdam, which was of course such a classic sight: Boats cruising along the canals, bicycles lined up along the railings, and not to forget the narrow and sometimes crooked houses by the streets. So of course we started snapping pictures, plus the bright sun made everything look so vibrant (also made my Asian eyes come out -_-).

We ended our day in Amsterdam with a included canal cruise. I sat by the entrance of the boat and started snapping pictures pretty much every few seconds because everything looked so damn picturesque?! Could not stop myself. It was already 9-10pm but the sky looked like it was 5-6pm.

Everyone was so chill, having drinks by the canal, by their balconies. It would all be perfect if this view was accompanied by a cooling autumn-y breeze, instead of the stuffy boat hahaha.

I guess because Amsterdam was the first city I laid my eyes on on our Europe tour, I was awed by it the most. Everything was so new to be seen for the first time. After a while, those old rustic bridges, bicycles and brick walls kinda lost their novelty a bit, but of course I still love all of them the same. Looking back at all these are making me miss Europe and my NZ friends so much :’)

With love,