Chilled Heineken in the heat

Heineken Experience

I’ve never been a fan of beer, or any alcoholic beverages for that matter, but I felt like it would’ve been a pity if I missed out on the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam itself. Upon seeing the Heineken Brewery in the list of attractions in the brochure, Yibo and I knew that would be an interesting one, and I’m glad we weren’t disappointed!

We first came into a museum-ish area where they showcased the Heineken history and the old packagings. I loved that the Heineken Experience comes with free WiFi! Because they had a Heineken app and well of course WiFi lets you share your experience with others hehe. The whole place was much bigger than I expected and I think our time was very pleasantly spent.

They showed how they made the beer, not literally, just the equipment being on display in the room. I liked how they explained the processes, instead of providing write-ups on the wall with tiny words. This was the first half of the tour, and at the end of it they gave us each a glass of beer to enjoy (quickly) together before moving on.

We were taught how to drink beer properly, taking big gulps, bypassing all the foam, and getting a good mouthful of beer! Beer usually tastes awful because we take small sips and only sip at the foam *lesson learnt*. Especially in the hot weather, the air-conditioning + the cold beer? Greeeeaaaaaaaattttttt. 😉

We were given a green wristband each when we entered, which had a button attached to it. The button entitled us to another drink, we could choose between Heineken or a soft drink! I was so fulllll from the first glass of beer I opted out of the second drink haha.

free beer, anyone?

The last stop of the Heineken Experience basically looked like a bar, where people could order drinks from the bar and just sit around the tables or sofa seats around the room. There were also some console games available for visitors to play with and those photobooths that lets you send your pictures to yourself. So yep, everyone is left with much entertainment.

Yibo and I enjoyed the chilled beer very much, together with everything inside the brewery. It was amazing how big the place is. Wow. Definitely made me appreciate beer in a new way. Although I think I’m back to thinking it’s not that great again heh 😛

Heineken Brewery

Stadhouderskade 78, 1072 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 1030-1930; Fri-Sun 1030-2100 (Last entry is always 2 hours before closing)
Admission fees: €18 (€16 if you buy tickets online or at any other ticket booths eg. Tours & Tickets)

We got our tickets from Tours & Tickets along the streets of Amsterdam, it’s very easy to find!


With love,