batam indonesia

Batam Island

Been very much enjoying recess week spending time with Yibo and having productive work/study days at home too. Also kickstarted recess week with a short 2D1N trip to Batam with the family and some extended relatives over the weekend. It was nice to get away and just relax. Of course, not saying that Batam kept us well entertained, I didn’t really see/do much…lol.

We joined a tour, so we made a few shopping stops of course, and… I really don’t think the rest of the things we did/saw are worth mentioning. It was very boring. Hahahaha but at least we all got to spend some quality time, and ate.

our hotel rooms

I think the best part was the hotel: The BCC Hotel. I haven’t seen a hotel room with that much empty room, and omg the bathroom looked so nice! We had a good lazing around before and after dinner because we were up since 6am to get to the ferry. Oh yes the hotel was also very near a shopping mall, which was right downstairs. And unlike other malls, I think this mall was slightly more up-market, selling genuine goods, with a whole variety of shops selling handphone accessories and a huge supermarket where we bought drinks and snacks 😛

Dinner was yummy, a pity all of us couldn’t be sat around one big table. Also the mall we were in had like many amusement rides, and this huge chair swing caught my eye.

We walked to a local market just 5 minutes away from our hotel in the morning to check out the place. It was basically like a wet market in Batam, selling vegetables, fruits, kuehs and dried goods. All the locals, men or women, with children or no, all riding their motorcycles to the market. This is what I like, observing the locals’ way of life. Not just shopping, and looking at tourist-y things.

We lazed around in the hotel while the parents went shopping at the mall because we were so damn sleepy. Also see my fancy pants ‘coffee + white sheets + Apple device’ Tumblr-ish photo. HAHA. If you know me, I don’t drink coffee. Soooooo, that cup of black liquid is actually Coca-Cola LOL. -waves-

ayam penyet lunch

visiting the local markets

I found the second morning way better: We went for the breakfast buffet at the hotel at the glorious time of 7am (with my eyes half shut of course), and walked to a nearby market, seeing all the locals doing their daily wet market shopping, and a good Indonesian Ayam Penyet for lunch before we left for the ferry terminal to get home! Lunch was very yummy, and the atmosphere of the venue was great, although hot at the same time.

We sure arrived home really tired, having woken up at 6am both days and spent so many hours awake haha. We also came home with lots of snacks like keropok, spicy tapioca chips etc, my favourite snacks since a long time. In fact, I’m munching on a box of the good old crunchy fishball snacks 😉

With love,