Raunchy window-shopping in Amsterdam

Red Light District

I don’t think there’s an exact address for the Red Light District, but all our guide told us was that it’s around the Oude Kerk, which means Old Church. Getting there from Central Station, you would find yourself walking down Damrak and heading left somewhere past the canal. If you get lost, just ask someone, I’m sure anyone can point you in the right direction to the Red Light District 😉 Hehe.

We walked there with the rest of the group after our canal cruise because majority of the people signed up for a sex show (yep) as one of the optional activities. We evidently started off the tour on quite a high note seeing as our first optional activity was a sex show. Yibo and I decided to give it a miss because well…just isn’t our thing, and I don’t think we were that into it seeing as the idea of watching live sex on stage with about 50 other strangers from the tour didn’t seem quite appealing. It cost about €30+ as well, which we didn’t find very value for money.

We walked through the Red Light District anyways, and saw all of the windows, with red tube lights lining the entire frame. It was quite a sight I must say! The ladies were good looking and they all had hot bods, they could be models actually.Also an observation I made: Many of them were wearing fake glasses? Couldn’t help but wonder if the geeky style or the sexy & smart theme is the in thing nowadays hahaha.

I felt rather shy walking past the windows, because I didn’t want to make eye contact with the ladies! I tried to glance quickly so they wouldn’t catch me. Not that I was afraid, but it was awkward making eye contact with them LOL. It was an experience though. The Red Light District is a must-see!

Speaking of all these matured stuff, you can also find sneaky brownies in Amsterdam, in the coffee shops at the central of the city. I wasn’t keen on trying them really, plus we didn’t really have any time to chill out in coffee shops. There is so much else to see! But if you’re interested, you can always go order a brownie from one of the coffee shops.

I sure didn’t get enough of Amsterdam and I will be back one day 🙂


With love,