Breezy morning cycling in Edam


They call them the granny bikes, those wide handle bicycles with baskets at the front and paddle brakes instead of handbrakes. I’ve always liked the idea of cycling through a small town, with a gentle breeze blowing in your face, on like a nice cooling day (not like Singapore weather of course).

Of course the heat wave did not give me that ideal weather, but because it was early in the morning, the air was still cool. Close enough I guess.

When I saw all the cyclists freely going around in the streets of Amsterdam, I immediately imagined those scenes from movies where independent women cycle from their apartments to the local bakeries to buy some bread or something, while making casual conversation with the store owners. Haha such fantasies.

Ironically, although I have such fantasies about bikes and cycling through streets, I have absolute no confidence on a bike. Thankfully, our bike-riding activity was not in the city of Amsterdam, which was filled with people, car, trams, buses etc, which makes me nervous just thinking about it.

It was in a quiet city called Edam, with more countryside areas. The empty roads made it much easier for someone like me to cycle haha. I still had to keep a safe distance (which means I cycle right at the back of the group) and struggled to ride in a straight line (let alone making turns).

I guess I played out my bike-riding fantasy a fair bit. I did ride a granny bike in Europe 😉

Achievement unlocked!

With love,