My recess week

I’ve just finished my first take-home exam in my life. Haha it was really long and draining to do… When teachers say 3 questions, I expect to see like 3 question marks??? Not 11?! LOL. So fatigued. But glad I got it done and over!

I know recess week has passed for a week now, and time passes so fast when you’re busy omg.

Quality Time

I spent loads of quality time this recess week with Yibo, our first shared recess week. It was great, I’m glad we’re in the same university 🙂 We can even study together now. Well it’s another half a year of this, before I graduate.


Yibo and I started our days with badminton in the morning, because someone wants to improve, and decides to rope me in. Haha kidding, I am thankful that Yibo enjoys badminton as much as I do, and wants to learn it. He’s getting better, slowly… It was also great to get a sweat out in the morning before starting work!

Home Days

I’m a very home-y person, and my mum used to call me a domestic pet, because I didn’t like to leave the house much. If I were single, I would be one of those lonely stay-home-during-their-weekends kinda person, just like most of the profiles at the dating agency. But I do enjoy my home days, especially when I have lots of time to decide what I want to do and accomplish for the day, especially work/school things. It also helps that my entire family is at home hahaha, yeah my parents work from home.

Basically it was a great week to take a break and recharge for the rest of the semester. Oh yes forgot to mention that I didn’t have any midterms to study for this recess week. Which makes everything great!!!



With love,