Contiki tour experience

My Contiki experience

I love self-guided tours, and all the freedom that comes with it. The idea of exploring Europe freely really intrigued me. Because it was my first trip overseas without my family, my parents felt more at ease if I joined a tour. Also, because everything was decided so quickly, I really couldn’t imagine planning a wholesome tour of Europe in the middle of the school semester.

I must have real cool parents, because my parents went for a Contiki trip when they were in their 20s. I didn’t even know Contiki has been around for so long! Anyway, thanks to the recommendation of the booking agent too, Yibo and I booked a 16 day European Encounters tour with Contiki.

It wasn’t that cheap tbh, but I’m glad we had more worry-free trip because we followed a tour. Not having to worry about transportation and accommodation because it was all pre-arranged for us. I think the way the tour was run was pretty up my street, we got adequate free-and-easy time, as well as some guided walking tours that were good enough to see the must-sees in the city.

I was still anxious about spending 16 days in close proximity with a bunch of 40+ strangers throughout the tour though. I’m not anti-social, but I’m not a social butterfly nevertheless. At least Yibo and I had each other throughout the whole trip. We both weren’t fans of large group activities, so we didn’t join any of the optional dinners or night activities (clubbing & drinking) that happened pretty much every single night.

A lil’ out of place?

Some FYI: We were the only two Chinese on the tour, so I think we were really easy to spot, while I had a tough time remembering everyone’s names hahaha. 80% of the people also came from Australia, even the tour guide, so it was pretty much an Australian tour bus. Not that I dislike Australians, but I just thought it would be better with a good mix /:

 our travel buddies!

I’m very happy and grateful that we met Devika and Vaishnavi on the trip 🙂 I hadn’t noticed them during the first day because everyone looks the same to me x_x But thankful that we had the time to chat and bond over Devika’s passion for Singapore LOL. It was the night at Amsterdam where we all had to make our own ways back to the hotel because we weren’t catching the sex show hahaha.


I think it’s safe to say that we were all glad to have found each other over the trip. We made really good travel companions, and were able to get along real well as fellow Asians #asiansunite HAHA. We had many sumptuous and enjoyable dinners together while the rest had the optional dinners, I’m sure we had a way better time together 🙂

We also shared many late night laughs in our hotel rooms, talking about a whole variety of things ranging from Singapore’s amazing shopping variety, to ridiculous Kim Jong Un stories.

Very happy to have met these two ladies, the cutest BFFs, and we had so much fun together. We even met up again back in London for a day out (see us at Trafalgar Square above) hahaha. I have such fond memories of us altogether in Europe, and I so look forward to meeting Devika when she comes to Singapore at the end of the year!! New Zealand is definitely on my to-go list with Yibo in the future ^^

thanks for the memories, xx

We had such a lovely time, and I can’t wait for us to get together again in the future. Let’s stay in touch for a loooooong time, D & V.


With love,