st goar germany

All that was nice at St. Goar

Sankt Goar, Germany

Instead of the well-known German cities like Berlin or Munich, we saw the small country-side town of Sankt Goar, by the Rhine Valley. I think it was exactly like any small town I have imagined, really quiet and hardly any people walking around. It was really like a dead town at some point, but I think I kinda liked the peace and quiet. We could walk around taking pictures with absolutely no one around.

typical german souvenir shops

This is where we saw the biggest cuckoo clock in the world, and the entire shop that sold a whole variety of cuckoo clocks. There was also a Birkenstock store, which apparently offered really cheap prices. We also visited a beer stein shop, which basically are traditional beer mugs. They were really well crafted, but way too expensive for me to appreciate hahaha.

There was really nothing to see in the little town, but thank goodness for their little cafés and cute alleyways, which made for really nice photos. There were hardly any cars there, so I can imagine how flashy our pink Contiki bus was! The rest went for a wine tasting event after but Yibo and I weren’t too interested, so we took a walk through the alleys.

Honestly, I think St. Goar was just a commercial stop, we even spent a night there, although there was really nothing much to see there. Thank goodness for the included cruise though, which was really relaxing and nice. Also great that we put on so much sunscreen, because the sun was really intense while we sat outside!

The hotel and included hotel dinner was really disappointing (overall, St. Goar was a disappointing place lol). We didn’t see much, I would’ve much preferred to see more of Germany in Berlin or Munich. The hotel stairway was so narrow that we couldn’t bring our suitcases up, and had to pack a day bag for the night instead.

Yibo and I decided to take an evening walk after dinner because we had so much time and found ourselves on the other side of the train tracks, where we caught the sunset.

We definitely wouldn’t have seen this small town of St. Goar if not for this tour, so I guess that’s another place ticked off!


With love,