Living in London

London, United Kingdom

I’m probably over-romanticising my time in London, or exaggerating my experience to you.

BUT, I’ve never lived abroad independently and it was such a great experience, although merely 3 weeks. I’ve been to London before, about 3 years back during the winter, and I loved it so much. So I was much excited to be back again, especially in the summer!

We were at a 3-week summer programme with Imperial College London, for a Business Strategy & Consulting course. Above is us with our coffee cups (I got hot choc obviously) outside the school building hehe. Taken by my wonderful project group mate 🙂

I was in charge of documenting our London adventures 😉 Our first day of school definitely had to be documented from first taking morning #ootds outside our front door!

We booked an Airbnb apartment somewhere at West Kensington, a comfortable studio apartment just for the two of us. It was really cosy and all and I’m glad we shared that space for 3 whole weeks very amicably haha. Like, things could have been way worse, but I’m glad Hazel and I had a great time together! 🙂

What I liked about living in London:

Old buildings

This is what we get to see every day on our way to and from the tube station. I love sights like these, just normal everyday sceneries, nothing touristy or special. Just enjoy the old architecture so much *-* Took this one day while we were getting back home early from school. The skies were so blue and gorgeous I couldn’t resist. Skies in Singapore hardly look like that, it’s usually too cloudy.

No humidity

I really miss the weather in London, although it was really quite chilly while we were there, taking long walks to and from the tube station is much more preferred than in Singapore’s humidity pfft. The air was also much dryer, which means no oily faces and no oily scalp!! Also no sweat!!! These will never happen in Singapore hahaha.

Our cosy studio apartment

Our little studio apartment was perfect just for the both of us. We were pretty messy I have to admit 😛 but, we did have a good time. The apartment was really cosy and chic looking, including some weird hanging plants above our double bed which we eventually took away because there were quite obstructive LOL.


It’s so different living with a friend. We decided everything on our own. Sometimes we even had our OTOT dinners (own time, own target). And also on making plans, and spontaneous plans. Because it was just a short 3 weeks, we strived to make the most of every single day!

It was good fun, Hazel and I even went to catch a musical once, Miss Saigon, at the Prince Edward Theatre. My virgin musical experience.

A great roomie!

Yes and we also shared a double bed. We’ve had others being real impressed with us sharing a bed for 3 weeks and not getting into a fight LOL. I’m really impressed too! We managed to sleep together for so many nights without a fuss. We must have been real tired.

Hazel and I overslept one morning and decided to just skip the morning lecture hahaha, glad we were on the same page on that 😛 We also each had our own corners of the apartments where we got our own me time, watching our shows and getting our work done.

I miss the time in London so much, and I’ll treasure those memories for a long time :’)



With love,