Lucerne Switzerland bridge

Photo diary: Lucerne

Lucerne, Switzerland

Having been to Lucerne before in 2010 with the family, Lucerne was exactly as I remembered, except for the chilling cold. I think everyone pictures Switzerland being all snowy and chilly, but it was really hot because it was summer, and of course, the heat wave.

Lucerne looked like a really picturesque old town, and I think Lucerne is my favourite album of photos of all *-* Can’t wait to put them all up!!!

Chapel Bridge

The old Chapel Bridge has been there since the 14th century, and also survived a fire, but still standing strong! It’s such an iconic sight in Lucerne, and you can see it so well from a distance. It was quite crowded on the bridge, so we couldn’t get photos on the bridge itself. There were some old paintings on every section of the roof of the bridge, which probably has lots of history behind them.

The view from the bridge itself was beautifullllll, especially with all the flowers at the side of it. There were also swans and little ducks going around the lake. Not to mention how breathtaking the skies were that day, which made the photos just extra pretty! So pleased with the photos ^^ All the buildings by the lake are also pastel coloured and looks really old-town-ish, which gave me all the feelsĀ šŸ™‚

More really pretty photos taken while we were walking in the city, the waters were really blue and everything just looked so nice together *-* Looking back at the photos, I think I got the best out of Lucerne. It’s so pretty to look back on. Definitely will be developing them to paste them up on my room šŸ™‚ (I’ve recently got inspired to decorate the walls in my room and I shall be sharing that soon!)

Visiting Lucerne made me think back on my Switzerland trip with the family and Rachel’s family back in 2010, I might share some photos of that trip next time. It was the true snowy Switzerland in the winter, it was also our first full experience with the snow.

Till next time!

With love,