My camera roll: September

A little re-cap / diary for myself.

1. Having your phantom boyfriend staying in hall means you can call him during lunch breaks whenever 🙂
2. Prawning with the boys. First time being at the prawning place at ORTO, Khatib.
3. Caught a yabby! Almost hahaha.

4. Omelette rice with Japanese curry at Cocoichibanya Singapore with the 4E gang.
5. The new Royals Bistro opened up at UTown in place of Wendy’s!
6. The really chill vibes in the bistro.

7. My pasta at the Royals Bistro. Not bad.
8. Menu at the bistro.
9. Simple homemade breakfast one day while the parents were away in Korea. #accomplished

10. Our last full attendance gathering before Ziyi left for the UK for uni!
11. Our dimsum spread at Ban Heng dimsum buffet which took absolutely ages to come.
12. Mookata for lunch with Kin Hazel & Wx for Wanxian’s birthday 🙂 Yummmmmms.

13. Group selfie that didn’t quite make it to Instagram because it looked awkward hahaha.
14. Just the girls 🙂 Think this is only our second group photo together omg.
15. Lunch time with Yibo again 🙂

16. Really late night spent at the airport to send off Ziyi with the rest of the squad.17. And Matt as well 🙂 All the best bros!18. Really shiok meal at The King Louis Grill & Bar with Yibo, Zijie and Justin.

19. Our huge sundae at King Louis which we shared amongst us 4.
20. Selfie on the bus in Batam. We look scarily alike there.
21. Testing my new wide-angle lens at the mall & buying it right after 😉

22. Group selfie after a late night in our hotel room playing cards :)23. Pepper’s (Rachel & Brenda’s golden retriever) birthday cake! Cute or what.24. Doggy mooncakes too HAHA.

Till next month!


With love,