Lucerne Switzerland Europe

A quiet European Sunday

Sundays in europe

Souvenir shopping, or any shopping for that matter was quite difficult at Lucerne, because we were there over the weekend. Coming from Singapore, I never understood why shops would close at 5-6pm, before the sun sets, and why the shops wouldn’t open on Sundays. But oh wells, living as the locals do? We just roamed the streets and hovered around the empty streets on the Sunday that we were there.

There were manyyyyy shops around the streets in Lucerne, but well, none of them were open so I couldn’t really browse through anything. Even the windows were dark hahaha. There were many many watch shops though, some really expensive and high-class brands which made Yibo’s eyes pop, so I’m guessing it’s a great place to do some shopping! Also because Switzerland is known for their Swiss watches and chocolates and swiss knives, they were easily found everywhere and in every few shops.

Empty streets means no strangers photo-bombing my photos 🙂 Like this series of shots Yibo took of me in this quiet alley. It was only 5-6pm btw. I don’t understand!!! Do people just retreat to their homes before the sun sets…

When I think Europe, I think nice and chill, windy and stuff, but it was hot as helllllllll while we were there. Omg it was really humid and practically like the weather in Singapore. So although the pictures are full of the European vibes, it was hot~ On the plus side, it never rained on our whole 16-day tour in Europe, so we enjoyed very good sunlight in all our photos!

The beautiful summer vibes

It was so damn quiet on the Sunday, that we found ourselves at the train station for lunch at this small scale canteen/restaurant place which served quite sub-par food. We came to the area outside the train station, to take a walk and stuff, and found all these pretttttttty flowersssssss *-* It was where all the yachts and small private boats were parked. So many people were going on yacht rides because of the insane summer weather. Jumping into the lake and stuff, typical summer activities haha.

I loved the flowers so much, it brightened every picture!! I’m not sure if it’s because of Singapore’s climate, but how come our streets aren’t decorated with all the vibrant plants, not just green trees and grass…

I have more pictures from Lucerne coming up. Also, Photobook SG was having a 10 year anniversary sale and omg 200 4R photo prints for $10?! That’s 5 cents each so hahahaha I snatched it up right away so I can print them all for my wall hehe 😉 Cheap thrills (literally).


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