London street photography

Walking through London

London Streets

I love carrying my camera in my hands when I walk around. It means I can always get my camera up to capture a shot if I see something nice while on the go. Always holding it in my hand also means I get my shots quicker! I usually take sneaky shots of the street as I walk by, so I won’t delay the people walking with me hahaha. šŸ˜›

Every part of London looks ever so picturesque to me and if I could, I would capture it all with my camera. But of course, that isn’t the case haha.

The semester has really been getting packed now that projects and assignments are all due soon. All the posts are not prompt AT ALL. Haha because there are just that many photos. And putting the photos up by city will make it a long ass one. Unfortunately school work comes first, so sharing all the pretty photos I have will have to wait and be postponed šŸ™


With love,