Paris France Bastille Day

Paris on Bastille Day

Fireworks at the Eiffel Tower

It couldn’t have worked out better for us: Arriving in Paris on Bastille Day!!

We even managed to catch the celebratory fireworks at the Eiffel Tower alongside hundreds and thousands of other people there. It was way crowded and we sure had to struggle to get back to the hotel, but it was all good fun and a great Bastille Day experience!

The fireworks only started past 11pm at night, so we left the hotel after dinner to go to the Eiffel Tower to join the crowds! I usually don’t enjoy crowds, but well it was Bastille Day and I was in Paris and fireworks?! I was definitely up for that haha.

It was so crazy crowded on the Metro on the way there, and there were heaps and heaps of people around the Eiffel Tower. The sun hadn’t even set past 10pm and the sky only got dark enough way past 11pm hahah. Crazy Europe summer.

Bastille Day is basically the French National Day, where the people celebrate the unity of the French people every 14 July!

a different side of the eiffel tower

Yibo, Devika, Vaishnavi and I barely managed to squeeze through many many people and found ourselves a standing spot amongst many others who were seated on the ground. We pretty much took 16494568 photos of the Eiffel Tower for every single social media account we had while waiting for the fireworks. I’m so thankful we got a decent spot to see the tower and to take great photos from 🙂

It was amazing to soak up the spirit of Bastille Day in France, hearing everyone else sing the French national anthem while the Eiffel Tower lit up in the colours of the French flag. Also love the shots I took which included all the little screens in front, pretty sums up the 21st century huh.

The fireworks was spectacular *-* I think we were just watching the fireworks in awe (and also frantically trying to capture every single second of it). It was amazing how fireworks shot out from the tower, but because I’m not skilled in night photography, I’m afraid these photos are all I managed to get.

I was somehow reminded of the fireworks at Disney World, where the Magic Castle lights up in all different ways and fireworks shoots out behind it. Of course, both experiences were really magical, but I think the Eiffel Tower also made it much more majestic.

Bastille day in france: Checked!

However, what was not captured in the photos, was our crazy mission to get back to the hotel while battling the crowds. There were SO many people, so we had to leave the Eiffel Tower about 30 minutes before the fireworks display ended, just so we could catch the last Metro. There were so many people I think we practically got pushed into the station. If I lifted my feet I reckon I wouldn’t even have fell over because everyone was so squished together hahaha.

It was a really fun night to remember and the Eiffel Tower has never looked more magnificent.


With love,