Innsbruck Austria Europe

A small piece of Austria

“THE HILLS ARE ALIVEEEEEEEEEEEEE, with the sound of musicccccccc ~~~~~”

I remember how the coach started blasting the Sound of Music as soon as we crossed the border into Austria. Seriously, seeing such amazing scenery makes you wanna break out in song like Mary Poppins did LOL.

Sitting in the coach in Austria itself was already such a feast for the eyes, it was such a pity I couldn’t take my camera with me when we went white water rafting in Austria. The views were so much better, but, no waterproof cameras 🙁

The amazing view of the window of the trees and mountains and windy roads gave me such road trip feels. Making me all pumped up for my road trip with the family in Australia this coming December!!

I managed to sneak all these photos out of my window, but can you just imagine living there?! (Okay I maybe really romanticising it, because those places might not even have Wifi :o)


We continued our visit to Austria after the white water rafting with a 2 hour stop at Innsbruck. Known as the Capital of the Alps, Innsbruck is the capital of Tyrol, Austria.

The city had really pretty pastel-coloured architecture, and the old town had medieval houses which made everything look really rich in history. The alps (though not snowcapped) was an added bonus to this beautiful city of course *-*

This fancy-looking balcony is the Golden Roof, famous to Innsbruck. It was made with over 2,000 gold-plated copper tiles (#whut) for the Emperor in the 15th century. Apparently it was where he would sit and watch the happenings of the town in the old days. Seems like a good old spot if you ask me hahaha. The entire old town was bustling with activity, many shops and cafes.

Are you falling in love with all the buildings already? Medieval architecture + pastel colours, beautifullllllll. I’m running out of vocabulary here. Anyways, we couldn’t not go to a Swarovski store, being in Austria and all. The store was quite fancy, and the place offered us a free gift if we spent over certain amount. I didn’t end up buying anything though.

Also, because the weather was so crazy hot, I bought my first 2 scoops of Gelato in Europe. Evidently I couldn’t wait for Italy, had to jump right in for Austrian gelato. It was good though ^^

(FYI the building’s crying LOL #socute)

Innsbruck is pretty urbanised, having many international brands opening stores in the city centre, making it pretty much a good place for shopping. We made a short walking tour around while on our way back to the bus, and saw more buildings (including a crying one hahaha).

Too bad we didn’t have more time, I would’ve loved looking around more.

I’ve never heard of Innsbruck, or much of Austria for that matter, but simple seeing how pretty it looks makes me want to go back.

With love,