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Photo diary: Venice

Each part of Venice was vividly coloured, and its rustic charms really got to me. The buildings were brightly coloured, perhaps not as new and freshly painted as Monaco, but I think the aged buildings were part of the Venice charm.

I’m very thankful that it was a nice sunny day in Venice, and that we didn’t experience rain, because Venice is known to flood on rainy days. 

Because Venice is a city built on over 100 small islands, there are many bridges and little canals throughout the city. We also walked through some of the narrowest pathways I’ve seen while we went on the walking tour.

We went through so many pathways I was scared to get lost, because the city looks like a maze once you walk inwards.

the further from the square, the cheaper the prices!

A plus for exploring deeper into the small lanes, is that you get cheaper and bigger gelato scoops! 😛 And many small restaurants offering good food at a reasonable price, unlike those nearer to the square.


Bridge of Sighs

The Bridge of Sighs got its name as it was the bridge that connected the old prison at the Doge’s Palace to the new one, and no doubt prisoners sighed as they crossed the bridge. This view greeted us almost immediately after we got off the boat.

The picture makes the place look so calm and serene, but that’s only because there are no walkways around haha. The bridge in front of the Bridge of Sighs literally was jam-packed with tourists trying to get this one shot!

St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco)

Who took it better? 🙂

The famous St Mark’s Square *-* The architecture was so beautiful. There were also many many people walking around, which made it hard to get nice pictures, but I think we did a decent job!

Unfortunately we met with many constructions on our trip: buildings by the Grand Canal, Trevi Fountain, the Brighton Dome and the St Mark’s Basilica.

Yibo and I didn’t go into the cathedral as we decided we weren’t interested in it enough to cover our knees and shoulders in this sweltering heat.


Walking Tour

This whole section captures most of the vivid colours of Venice. I would have ventured deeper into the city and walked through more lanes if I had more time. But time was so limited and this was all we could photograph. I’ve been trying to pick a new wallpaper for my laptop, but this task has not proven to be easy LOL.

Grand Canal – from Rialto Bridge

Sadly the construction at the side spoilt the picture a bit 🙁

I remember brisk walking, or almost running, to the Rialto Bridge and back to St Mark’s Square with Yibo, because we were running out of time to meet Devika and Vaishnavi for dinner. We saw the Grand Canal at the golden hour, and everything looked so nice. There were many small jewelry and souvenir shops on Rialto Bridge itself, but we didn’t find the time to do much shopping. I still managed some postcards though! 🙂


Gondola Ride

Venice is known for their boat canals and the gondolas, so of course, we had to go on the gondola ride. I couldn’t stop snapping while on the ride haha. Unlike the romantic scenes of movies where the gondolier serenades us in some passionate Italian song, our gondolier was humming to Ariana Grande’s One Last Time LOL. Unique experiences indeed.


Dinner Time

checklist for picking a restaurant:

Our first dinner together proved to be such a great experience that we had so many more meals together haha :’) We found a nice Italian restaurant that was reasonably priced, reasonable tax, had air-conditioning, and free Wi-Fi!

Brilliant choice by us 4, and the food was also really good! I could have pasta all my life and not be sick of it, or Japanese food, either. We took a short walk around the square after dinner while waiting for the rest of the tour to get back from their group dinner (we’re rebels you see), and got our first group photo 🙂

Venice was so beautiful and one day was certainly not enough to truly explore the place. I would love to be back again (before Venice really sinks), and do a proper explore of Italy!



With love,