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Making memories in Florence

I have some of the best memories of Florence, mostly credited to another night out with Devika & Vaishu. No clubbing, dancing or alcoholic drinks were involved, but we had fun anyway 🙂

Piazza della Signoria

A copy of the statue of David by Michelangelo

Piazza della Signoria is an L-shaped square in the middle of the city of Florence. It was flooded with crowds when we were there, and statues were found all over the square. There’s plenty of history behind each statue, and the lady who took us around for the walking tour explained them to us, but I really wasn’t paying too much attention hehe.

I did recognise the statue of David though! This was only smaller copy, the original is located at The Accademia Gallery.

Palazzo Vecchio Museum & Tower

We didn’t enter the Palazzo Vecchio Museum, because we didn’t have much time in Florence, but we did get to walk through it briefly with our walking tour guide. Like any other museum in Europe, it was exquisitely designed and so many pretty details on the pillars, walls and ceilings.


Florence Cathedral, The Duomo

I would’ve absolutely love to be able to climb up the dome and get a full view of Florence, but we didn’t have the timeeeeee 🙁 It was really majestic though, and way larger than documented in pictures. Standing right below the Florence Cathedral, you feel so small. I struggled to fit that entire cathedral into frame haha.

The Florence Cathedral is so colourful because of the white, green and pink marble used to build the exterior of it. I would love to go inside the next time I’m in Florence!


Gelato in Florence

I think I enjoyed the greatest Gelato scoops in Florence. We had about 6 scoops of gelato over the entire day in Florence, between Yibo and I. Gelato shops are in such abundance in Italy, it’s so difficult to resist though!

Piazzale Michelangelo

It was such a feast for the eyes. We got to overlook the city of Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo at the golden hour of the day. The sunset made everything look so much prettier. We went there to take the Contiki group photo, which I’d give them credit for choosing such an awesome background!

The place was pretty much jam-packed with people because it was around evening/dinner time, and people were there to witness the sunset. Our photos were beautiful too 🙂 The Florence Cathedral and the Ponte Vecchio looked so good from where we were too. Amazing landscapes.

Sunset at Ponte Vecchio

Managing to get a photo of the Vecchio bridge in Florence, after walking on it earlier in the day. We were going off to find food for our walkabout dinner that night. Stopped by for a few photo stops 🙂

Dinner Plans

We found ourselves in a little restaurant in one of the alleys near Piazza dal Signoria, which served some good quality Italian food. Yibo had to try the Florentine steak. which looked so good. I ordered a seafood Marinara spaghetti (my all-time fave). The food was so generous in portions, and they tasted great!

We found ourselves taking a walk to the square after dinner, and saw an orchestra performing outside the Palazzo Vecchio Museum, which was really interesting to witness. We also decided to stay true to Contiki’s #noregrets: Buying more gelato for dessert, sitting in the centre of the square, on the cobblestones, and enjoyed ourselves a plenty 😉

free city wifi!

Oh yes I forgot to mention that Florence has a city WiFi, much like Wireless@SG, but way less complicated! It was GREAT. Managed to snapchat our adventures conveniently on the go hehe 🙂


With love,