South of France Nice

The unforgettable South of France | Nice

There are many places to visit in the South of France, with many beautiful summer locations! Having witnessed it with my own eyes, I don’t question why Nice is a popular holiday destination in the summer.

It was really beautiful, the water was so blue, and the vibrant colours at the beach made the atmosphere real lively. You really experience the summer life there.

I enjoyed laying in the beach so much, and I also felt so free. Unlike at Singapore beaches like East Coast Park or Sentosa, everyone was just doing their own thing, laying on their beach towels in their bikinis or even topless.

In Singapore, most people are in their Tshirts and if you wear a bikini, relatively speaking, you look so exposed hahaha.

Expect a Pebble Beach

Another difference though, beaches in Nice are filled with stones/pebbles, not sand. It was painful to lie down, and I found it hard to find a good spot. And a thin beach towel can only do so much hahaha.

There is a long stretch of beach in Nice, and some are free open beaches, while some are sectioned off with bars/clubs, and they provide you with deck chairs and umbrellas at a fee. We didn’t explore the beaches much, but we did take lots of pictures haha because the scene was too nice.

No filter needed to make the photo stand out more! There were some topless beaches, but I didn’t see many topless people haha, most people just had their tops on.


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