Monaco Europe

An evening at Monaco & Monte Carlo

Because Monaco and Monte-Carlo was only a short drive away from Nice, we went there for a few hours for dinner and a little look-around. There was an optional dinner at Monaco so everyone kinda got more glam-ed up for the dinner.

There were not many people walking about, it was actually rather quiet. The view was great though. Yibo and I took our time with the photos after the rest of the crowd left for the dinner.


Yibo and I were the only two rebels who didn’t join the rest of the Contiki group for the optional dinner. So we took the opportunity to enjoy a dinner to ourselves and get some quality time 🙂

We looked up TripAdvisor and saw this restaurant called Fredy’s International, in Monaco. It wasn’t too pricey, the service was great, and the food tasted good too! It was a three-course meal. It was my first time actually enjoying a salad as well haha. We had a good time together 🙂

While we were waiting for the rest to finish up their dinner, we managed to see this amazing night view of Monaco after the sun set. We also got some photos hehe.

After the dinner at Monaco, we took another short drive up to Monte-Carlo to visit the casino and to see how the rich and glamorous live~ We saw the Casino de Monte-Carlo, which looked really luxurious from the outside.

There were also some crazy expensive cars parked all around, which made the boys go real crazy. Simply hearing the engine alone got them all hyped up already hahaha. I would just see so many people crowding around each fancy car, taking pictures of and with it. I felt really amused.

Yibo says he’s going to get there someday. I’m waiting.

With love,