Beautiful skies in Avignon

Avignon, France

While en route to Lyon, we did a food stop at Avignon for about 2 hours to have lunch before getting back on the road. Definitely not enough time to even look around, but it was a much better place to get food than a rest stop. Avignon is a city set on the Rhône River, boasting UNESCO heritage and religious heritage sites.

Saint Bénezet Bridge

This bridge was built in the 12th century, also known as the Bridge of Avignon. It is registered under the UNESCO World Heritage Site, with a little chapel in the centre of the bridge for Saint Nicholas. We didn’t get the time to walk on the bridge, but photos were good enough for me.

Palace of the Popes

Crazy winds be making me look crazy~

The Palais des Papes was constructed from 1335, and took twenty years to complete! The palace was so majestic from its exterior, and I wished we could have gone in. Olden day castles and palaces are intrigue me so much, and I love to imagine those historical dramas being played out at those places.

Apparently the Palace of Popes is the biggest Gothic palace in the world, with over 20 rooms! The Cathedral of Avignon is situated right next to the Palace, which has a golden statue of Virgin Mary right above the dome.



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