Nice France

Our kind of night out

I’ve never been one for clubs, dancing, or drinking and Contiki is known exactly for that, precisely because it is targeted for youngsters. But I was glad I found common ground with Yibo, and our two Contiki buddies, Devika and Vaishnavi 🙂

Instead of going out to the local clubs to drink the night away, us 4 decided it’d be a better idea to go out to the lookout point in Nice on our second night. If you thought Nice was all about the sun, sand and sea, watching the sunset in Nice lets you experience the tranquility too.

We’re trying to capture all that Instagram magic 😉

Beautiful photos courtesy of Yibo while us 3 were enjoying the waves by the rocks (hahaha that itself sounds really cheesy and cliché). It was such a nice feeling though, especially when the weather got much cooler and there was a sea breeze.

Such a tranquil feeling, hearing the waves and all~ Especially when the sun was setting too, a very good way to end our day after dinner. To me, this was definitely a better way to spend our last night in Nice.

Look at that tan line lolol.

Le Château (Castle Hill)

We went to Le Château, which is a lookout point at Nice, to get a bird’s eye view of the coast. We were not disappointed at all. The stairs we climbed to get up there were totally worth it haha. We couldn’t see the sunset from the lookout point, but in the approximate hour we were standing there, the sky got darker and the lights got brighter. The security were shooing us all because the place was going to be closed off for the day.

I’m so glad we decided to visit Castle Hill instead of wandering through the streets. I’m sure it must’ve looked really nice in the day too, with all the people, and the colours on the beach.

I had a group mate during my exchange program at Imperial, and he told me he went to university at Nice! He told me they’d just make casual trips to the beach because it was so near the school. So envious that he goes to school right by the French Riveria.

We found ourselves exploring the lanes and alleyways during the night, and the party was going on! There was certainly nightlife in Nice. We even saw drag queens performing outside a gay bar, it was so happening haha.

Although there were lively bars and pubs around the lanes, the streets were nowhere near rowdy or shady. We still managed to have a good time exploring around and eventually got back to our hotels almost at midnight, although we did say we wanted to get back early to pack our bags for the next day oops.

One of our many night adventures to remember.


With love,