Bonheur Patisserie | Too pretty to eat

We had a family friend, Ann, come over to Singapore from UK a few weeks ago, and we brought her to the Turf Club for dim sum and a brief walk-around of the place. We went to the Pasar Bella market and came across the cutest macarons I’ve ever seen LOL. It was in the Bonheur Patisserie bakery, just by the entrance of PasarBella.

We spent so long just staring through the display shelves and admiring every single one. I think Ann picked up on how much we liked them, and generously bought us a whole box of 10 x_x We were very shocked but also very happy inside hehehe. And obviously I had to photograph everything before we could dig in 🙂 Each macaron is $4.50, and well 10 is $45… It’s way out of my price range, but I think perfect as a gift!

I wish I could say they were as enjoyable as they looked, but macarons are just so….sweet. And it got really sinful after you eat a whole one by yourself haha. 10 was a little too much, but it was pretty to look at while it lasted hahaha.


With love,