Enjoying my winter break so far

The holidays are looking great so far 😉 What a way to kickoff the December holidays!

I hung out with Yb and his friends (or I guess I also get to call them my friends at this point) on Monday evening, the day I finished finals! We had Din Tai Fung for dinner and we played darts at DartsLive Singapore at The Cathay. It was a fun night out haha. And I spent my second day of freedom having a home day with Yibo and having dinner + ice-cream with the team 🙂

I can’t believe the last time we met was before the summer holidays. We always meet once every few months, but each time we’re together it doesn’t feel like it was long since we last left off.

I’ve known these girls since I was 13, when I was still a stupid teenager. We saw each other happy, sad, angry, tired, and we’ve argued but I think I still have the fondest memories with my teammates hahaha. So cliché~

Looking forward to maximising this holidays!

With love,