Our last semester together

Another semester has gone by yet again, barely before any of us noticed. Each semester is like a mad rush, week after week we go by with our daily routines, doing the weekly readings, preparing for tutorials, working on projects, studying for exams. And before we know it, Week 13 has gone and we’re already cramming for finals. It’s so crazy how time flies.

Pardon the cui exam face hahaha.

Lectures and tutorials each semester have been made slightly more bearable thanks to these four amazing people who have accompanied me through these 5 semesters in NUS. Sadly last Saturday was the last time we’d be in an exam hall together, because Wanxian and Hazel have cleared all their modules and they #gradlo.

I’m really glad we all found each other despite us being rather inactive in the university life front hahaha. School was less lonely because of you guys :’) Although we don’t take many modules together anymore. I’m thankful that I’ll be graduating next year with something more than my degree to remember my NUS life by.

I’ll miss our lunch breaks together 🙁

We have to meet up often!

With love,