Future of Us Exhibition Singapore

The Future of Us Exhibition

Our parents decided to bring us to go see the Future of Us Exhibition to check out the innovations and visions of tomorrow for Singaporeans. Everything looked so cooooool, and obviously futuristic. It’s held at Gardens by the Bay, from 1 Dec 2015 to 8 Mar 2016.

It’s a free exhibition, but they do have crowd control! You have to book tickets for entries into the exhibition rooms, which includes two short multimedia shows.

There were two domes set up for these cool exhibits. Settings like these seem only to exist in movies, and I find it hard to imagine them becoming reality in the coming years. But the beautiful exhibits sure makes living amongst the clouds very tempting. How pretty does it look??

There was a room dedicated for Singaporeans to write down their hopes and wishes for the future of our country. There were stations around the room for us to write our entries down, which will be projected onto the ceiling!

Souvenir shops are my weakness LOL. All the creative designs inspired by the local culture really gets me. Also, some of the things were so cute?! But I had to resist from making stupid purchases haha. I’ve already bought a London-inspired pencil case and laptop sleeve from souvenir shops in London, so I think I’ve done enough silly shopping HAHA.

Glad to have a nice family day out after exams 🙂 We even had a few hours at Kbox to relive some old memories – we used to go for karaoke sessions so often last time! Having a day out with the family once in a while feels great 🙂


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