Relationship tests

I’ve been very inspired to redo my working space recently, as well as my bedroom. Ideas like decorating my walls with photographs and other trinkets. But because I’ve been in my bedroom for more than 10 years, my walls inevitably look pretty gross and dirty. So I embarked on a mission to paint my walls with fresh new coats!!

Yibo has been oh-so-kind to come over to help me out for two full days so far 🙂 Super thankful for his help, because if not for him, I wouldn’t have been able to finish so quickly! I’m still in the midst of some finishing touches tomorrow haha. But I wouldn’t deny how the entire painting project has been really testing of each other’s patience LOL.

I googled “couples painting together” and this is what I found:

How ridiculously happy do those people look?!

These stock photos are totally wrong. I have to make a public service announcement to tell everyone that taking on such a tough task as a couple can be really testing. It was hot and sweaty and dirty, plus painting an entire room on our own was just such a daunting task.

We were always really angsty and sometimes nitpicking on the ways we did things LOL. It’s funny to think back on now, but I’m sure Yibo just wanted to rage quit at times. Much thanks to you, my love hahaha.

This is what it really looked like:



With love,