The Louvre Museum Paris France

The magnificent landmark of Paris

The last time I was in Paris, I had no idea what I was looking at. This time being back in Paris, I knew pretty well what I wanted to see.The Louvre is such a beauty from the inside and outside, especially its iconic pyramid in the centre. The sheer size of the entire museum also left us in awe.

Every single corner of The Louvre is so photogenic we couldn’t help but take one or too many photos hehe. It was such a beautiful day too, with Paris gracing us with pretty blue skies.

how to avoid the long queues!

People usually queue to get into the museum from the Louvre Pyramid, which could take hours before you get into the actual museum, but our Contiki guide gave us told us a shortcut!

Walking towards the arc that is located around the outside of The Louvre, is a staircase which would lead you to an alternative entrance to the museum downstairs. You get to queue while enjoying air-conditioning, and the queue only took about 20 minutes!

The alternative entrance got us into The Louvre way faster than the usual crowds and saved us at least 2 hours of our time! Got to give our Contiki guide a shout-out for this great hack 🙂

If we took our time to walk about each and every corner of The Louvre, we would have spent our entire day in there. So we cherry-picked a few pieces we wanted to look at, and navigated our way through the gigantic museum.

One of our stops was definitely the Mona Lisa, which I had no idea would look so small. There was a huge painting right opposite it, but no one gave a shit haha poor thing. People were swarming in front with their selfie sticks and others alike, and omg it was a struggle trying to get a picture of Mona Lisa LOL.

We spent a quick 2 hours or so in The Louvre, and visiting The Louvre in Paris is now ticked off my bucket list!

The Louvre

75001 Paris, France
Opening hours: 0900 – 1800
Admission fees: €15


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