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Yarra River walkabout | Melbourne

The Yarra River is a must-see in Melbourne, Australia. We started our first day in Melbourne with a nice and refreshing walk around the Yarra Bend Park in the morning.

The sun sure was blaring, but the air was cool, so the frequent breeze made the weather great for a morning walk. I don’t quite think we saw the Yarra River, but I was right in my element in the nature park.

Yarra Bend Park is the largest area of natural bushland left in inner Melbourne. The 260-hectare park is located right by the CBD of Melbourne. It took us less than 10 minute drive to the park from our airport hotel, which made it really convenient!

We ended up just walking for about 40 minutes before turning back to leave, because we weren’t in hiking attire anyway. It was great though, a nice walk to start our day 🙂

Tung and I felt really motivated and inspired to document everything on our little walk. And I must say she did a pretty good job at taking pictures for me hehe. Pictures from our walk turned out great 🙂

Basically the Yarra Bend Park is a convenient place to get to within the city area if you want to get a quick nature fix. It is such a vast area of space that you can literally forget the CBD is just a mere 4km away.

Yarra Bend Park is also connected to Fairfield Park, where the Fairfield Park Boathouse is located. The boathouse was founded in 1908, as a picnic, camping and refreshment room area.

It was really lively when we were there, also because it was a Sunday. Many families were having picnics and chilling in the park. I’m glad we had our own family day in the park 🙂

Yarra Bend Park

Melbourne VIC 3078, Australia
Opening hours: 0900 – 1700
Free admission!

Check here for route suggestions to get around the park: x

Fairfield Park Boathouse

Fairfield Park Drive, Fairfield, Victoria 3078
Opening hours: Boat hire from 0830 – 1700; Tea room & grill from 1000 – 1700

Website | Boat hire prices


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