My camera roll: December

*I couldn’t be bothered for a proper monthly update*

Finally getting into the pool for a swim after god knows how many years! It was a refreshing date for us both haha.

  • Ice-cream together with the team: Dark chocolate gelato hehe
  • Celebrated end of finals together and taking our group photo in front of the Christmas lights šŸ™‚
  • First time in Kbox after years with the family and wow it’s so hip now hahaha
  • Brunch time at Toast Box with my family before our Kbox session
  • Mum trying to clear out her fridge of salmon before we go overseas
  • Another fast food my mum prepares for dinner: Putting tomatoes and salmon into the rice cooker and cook the rice together with it, and then mix it together!
  • Nothing makes me happier: A jar of Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies my mum brought back!
  • Enormous platter at Brotzeit: The BROTZEITPLATTE. Sausages, pork knuckle, and pork schnitzels. Way too much for Devika, Yibo and I but it was so good though šŸ™‚
  • Airplane food. I need the Asian food fix to get me through hahaha.
  • First day in Melbourne #ootd
  • Sun was way too bright for us to open my eyes. Thank goodness for shades.
  • Selfies in the park
  • Happy with our ice lollies after roasting in the 40 degree heat omg. They were called Life SaversĀ #accurate
  • Little Tung following me around as I gather shots
  • We found this Asian restaurant in Robe, Australia past 8pm at night, so thankful to be able to get some comfort food so late haha
  • Morning selfies before getting on the road
  • Bought chocolate chip muffins for the road when we wanted a snack heh
  • Was very amused with how small my feet looked through my wide angle lens lol
  • Very festive looking pizza shop in Kangaroo Island where we ordered a SUPER sized pizza for lunch!
  • Maggie mee as our dinner. Yay for instant noodles when in a foreign land LOL.
  • Prata for supper after watching Star Wars with Daddy and the sisters while mum was overseas
  • With my DHSBT family back at this year’s chalet. Felt so so old lolol.
  • Sending Gerald off on NYE with the gang

With love,

With love,