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Beach suburb near the city | St Kilda, Melbourne

St Kilda is a beachside suburb, where you can cycle, swim, hang out at beach bars, listen to live music and enjoy carnival games and rides at Luna Park! There was literally so much to do, but my family and I spent most of it just walking around the place and checking out the area.

It was a bright and sunny day in Melbourne, and it was a perfect Sunday to be at St Kilda, that is a short 15 minute drive from Melbourne. There are also cable tram lines running from Melbourne’s central city area to St Kilda.

sunday markets

Because it was a Sunday, there was a crafts market going on by the esplanade. Something that bothered me though: None of the business owners looked like they were a least bit interested in selling anything. They looked so uninterested I started to wonder if someone forced them to display their handicraft at the market.

We wandered to the beachside, where most of the people were since Australians love to be outdoors. Sunbathing, surfing, skateboarding, and cycling are many of the activities you can choose to do on St Kilda Beach. I totally understand how St Kilda Beach is the most popular beach in Melbourne. The sun was way too intense for us to bear and so we decided to get indoors and continue on our pursuit for food (because we were starving).

Luna Park

We then came across the highlight of St Kilda, which is Luna Park. Upon first glance, you can tell that Luna Park has been around for a really long time. It has been operating for the past century, bringing joy and laughter to many, regardless of age.

A wooden roller coaster?

The key attraction of the historic theme park is the Scenic Railway Roller Coaster: The oldest continually operating wooden roller coaster in the world that has been open since 1920. We didn’t ride it, but you get up to 12m high on the Scenic Railway, which allows you a bird’s eye view of Port Phillip Bay of St Kilda.

The entire Luna Park was really nicely done up, considering the long history of the theme park. They had the old-school carnival games, with slightly creepy-looking dolls… There were also those wavy mirrors that makes you look short and stubby LOL, we had a lot of fun with those.

Luna Park was so colourful and many of its rides look so old-school but still functioning so well. It was also bustling with activity on a Sunday.

Free entry!

You can walk into Luna Park without buying an entrance ticket, so we were just free-roaming the park. However, you would have to purchase a ticket if you want to enjoy the many popular rides they offer! I wish other theme parks allow you to just wander around without taking rides, I would love to do that in Disneyland.

We had our lunch at Café Luna within the park, which surprising had really good food and at really good prices compared to the food stalls outside.

Although we were walking through the town to walk off our late lunch, we were still attracted to the windows after windows of baked goods. Apparently there are a lot of bakeries in St Kilda! The displays looked so good and there was so much variety! *-* Wow.

We saw so many old buildings in St Kilda, including the Palais Theatre, and it made me real curious about the history of the beachside suburb. Apparently St Kilda was already a popular suburban area during the Edwardian and Victorian times, it goes way back. The seaside playground is compared to Coney Island of New York City, and is still popular amongst tourists and locals up till today!

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to St Kilda. It provided many photo opportunities and a great deal of fun, thanks to the great weather as well. We probably didn’t experience Luna Park like the locals did, but it was still a great tourist attraction to check out if you have the time. Thank you Devika for this amazing recommendation of a must-see at Melbourne! 🙂

Luna Park

18 Lower Esplanade St Kilda VIC 3182
Admission fees: Adults (13 & older): $49.50; Child (4-12 y/o): $39.50; Toddler (0-3 y/o): $16.50; Family pass: $149.95 (there are unlimited rides options and one-ride options for the tickets)
– you can also purchase tickets online! –
Opening hours: 1100 – 2000 (changes daily, check website for confirmation!)

Website | Facebook | Instagram

(Can I just say, I’m also really impressed with the marketing/social media efforts of such an historic theme park?!)


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