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Healthy & yummy sandwiches from GAEST

GÆST is a small café in the CBD at Telok Ayer, located in a popular lunchtime area where a lot of office people come out to get lunch. GÆST serves breakfast, lunch & dinner, and has a variety of healthy food to offer inspired by modern Nordic cuisine. Nordic cuisine is Danish, and was developed to include more natural produce to be used as the basis for new dishes created outside or at home.

I was supposed to try out the food for a review article for work, but I invited Rachel & Brenda to hang out and made a café date out of it! Making the most out of everything it seems 🙂

a short walk from telok ayer mrt

GÆST is a short 5 min walk from Telok Ayer MRT (which is the nearest MRT station), and located right opposite the Amoy Street Food Centre. There are also loads of other food outlets and cafés in the area, especially in the shophouses.

The entire area was bustling with activity because it was lunch hour in the CBD. GÆST was also full of customers getting takeaway sandwiches throughout the entire time we were having our lunch and chatting away.

the menu

GÆST’s lunch time menu consists of sandwiches (chicken, pork, salmon & potato), and salad & soup of the day. Cakse can also be found in the display shelf. All the bread and cakes are homemade by the café, which makes it an healthier and fresher option! Everything you order is also made from scratch and no artificial flavours are added, which makes it all the more a feel-good meal.

Salmon Sandwich (S$15) – locally cold smoked salmon, honey & apple picked beetroot, rocket & horseradish cream

We decided to try out one of each sandwich between the 3 of us, aside from the potato one. All the sandwiches were served on freshly baked sourdough or Danish rye bread. I ordered the salmon one, because I can never resist anything with salmon on it. I was pretty overwhelmed by the amount of vegetables on there, but I ate them anyway (if anyone was curious). The cream spread went well with the cold smoked salmon, although midway through I was pretty sick of the sour cream taste and went on to switch plates with them.

Pork Sandwich (S$14) – Roasted pork with crackling, orange marinated red cabbage with parsley, red apple & mayonnaise

When I heard pork sandwich, I didn’t expect that it was going to be roasted pork with crispy skin. I love that so much (maybe because it isn’t the healthiest option too oops). It was really crunchy, which went well with the soft bread, and the red cabbage and red apple also gave a more refreshing taste. It was quite interesting seeing apples used in a sandwich. I guess roasted pork is good no matter what you eat it with!

Chicken Sandwich (S$14) – Roasted chicken breast, lemon marinated celery stalk, green apple, pea tendrils & fresh herb cream

This sandwich is perfect for those looking for a healthy lunch! Roasted chicken breast is the best option if you are looking for healthier options. I usually avoid chicken breast because it’s dry and tough, but it was really soft and tender in this sandwich! The green apple also provided a sweet taste, and the sandwich was a great savoury option. It looks plain but it definitely doesn’t taste that way!

Other than the sandwiches, we also ordered iced drinks to combat the hot weather. We had a Iced Mocha (S$7) and a Iced Dark Chocolate (S$6.50). The mocha was made with dark chocolate as well, and it was pretty bitter. I might have tried the Iced White Chocolate drink if I had known hehe.

As someone with really Asian tastebuds, I don’t really like to have bread as meals other than breakfast. But the sandwiches from GÆST was real good, I promise! You can also expect generous portions: My salmon sandwich alone had at least 2 layers of smoked salmon, which made it really satisfying hehe.

We had a great time just hanging out at the café, slowly having our sandwiches while the working class came and went during the lunch hour. The café is pretty much empty and quiet after lunch time, so if you were looking for a café to chill out and get some me-time, GÆST is an option!

The staff is also really friendly, almost every customer who walked in seemed like a regular because the staff were making casual conversation with them. It made the place feel more welcoming even though I spent the first 45 minutes or so just sitting awkwardly in the café waiting for the two late sisters LOL.

Credits to Rachel for some of her sandwich shots too. 😛



21 McCallum St. #01-01, The Clift, Singapore 069047
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 0730 – 1630; Weekends: 0830 – 1530

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