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Healthy start to 2016

Yes. I am that typical girl who starts of the year wanting to exercise, keep fit, eat healthy and all that shit. But I am trying okay, I’m going to try and maintain my newly (sort-of) healthy lifestyle in 2016.

Thanks to my writing job that gave me the chance to review the Yo! Fit Pass & Elixir Juice, which kickstarted my healthy living for 2016. I have had a week of healthy eating so far, thanks to the pass. I’ve also been to some fitness classes and been burning good amount of calories along the way 😉 I’ll see how long this lasts yeah. LOL.

(You can read my review of Yo! Fit on intheLoop here: x)


I booked my first fitness class through Yo! Fit’s website and found myself at this BODYPUMP class. I knew it was strength training, but I had no idea it would be that intense. It was basically using weights while doing repetitive exercises like squats, lunges, bicep curls etc etc… I died. LOL. It was like Blogilates on fireeeeee. I definitely felt the burn in my muscles, to the point my 4 limbs felt so jelly after the workout. I ached for the next 5 days or so thanks. Especially my arms because they are the weakest shit ever.

Salmon Sandwich (S$15) | GÆST


My aches haven’t gotten too bad yet, so I still managed to get out for a café date at GƆST with my lovely cousins. We enjoyed a healthy sandwich lunch each and I got the Salmon Sandwich. I love anything salmon. Read that post here (x)

Soy Sesame Chicken White Rice Set (ranging from S$7.90 – S$9.90) | DoSiRak


Started my day, or rather mid-day, with a lunchtime yoga class at Shiva Yoga. It was at Bugis Village, so I didn’t have to wake up too early to get there hahaha #sloth. It was a really basic class (called Ground Werk), just sitting, squatting, kneeling poses. It focused a lot on the posture and awareness of our body. I would have enjoyed it more if not for my crazy arm aches from Monday LOL.

I also went to DoSiRak after to claim my meal that I ordered on Yo! Fit. I love Korean food, and if they manage to make it yummy and healthy at the same time, why not?! This was delicious though, and pretty affordable compared to other restaurants or healthy places~


By Thursday my aches (especially on my arms) was already beginning to suck the life out of me. I was so drained omg I literally thought I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed. My biceps and triceps both ached so badly that they felt too tense to even let me raise my arms to tie up my hair LOL. It was that bad. So I spent my entire Thursday just staying home and sitting still at my table on my laptop lolol.

Chickpea & Brown Rice Burger (S$11) | Café Salivation


I was way too shag for Hot Yoga on Friday because my body was aching too badly and I could not properly experience the class. I sent Jieyu to go on my behalf and I will be eternally grateful to her for it hehehe (thank you xx). I did still go to Café Salivation to get my 3rd healthy meal from Yo! Fit Pass.

Café Salivation is a Western vegetarian café, and they prepare vegan and gluten-free meals! I got a Chickpea & Brown Rice Burger, which tasted better than I taught. The burger also looked real good, together with fries and a salad. Doesn’t the presentation up there though? ++ points.

Elixir Juice


Last but not least, my Saturday was spent doing a sort-of juice cleanse which left me pretty hungry for real food that I can chew and munch on. LOL. I got 4 juices from Elixir Juice to review for my article. My conclusion is that…. I prefer fruits over vegetables. I didn’t enjoy the vegetable juices very much 🙁

So yeah… that concludes my entire week of healthy living so far. I’m looking to continue it somehow in the time to come, but we’ll see how that goes ya? Hahahahahaha.

With love,