My simple day in school

Week 1 of my final semester

Each time I walk into the lecture theatres and walk out, I think about how there won’t be a ‘next sem’. It’s crazy man. I don’t know if I’m alone in this.

I started my day early today because I got a ride from my mum. Got to school at 10am and got Yibo to come to keep me company haha. As a final year student in FASS, I finally tried out the Yong Tau Foo at The Deck today (yes haha in my final semester too).

I also went to the library to spend my free periods till my lecture started. I like it during the early weeks of school, when the library isn’t too packed with people yet. I was productive, which made me happy.

I ended my lecture with Yibo meeting me with a chocolate waffle that I requested for. Yay for mid-day snacks, much needed when I get to school early. I’m going to appreciate all the time I get to spend with Yibo in school, since it’s not going to be happening after I graduate.

And I filed for graduation today! As usual, I got my modules classified. I thought it would have been a longer process. But there was a button to file my graduation, I clicked it, and it was filed! LOL pretty underwhelming to be honest.

With love,