Sitting by the pier | Geelong, Australia

Our journey to get onto the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne started with a short stop at Geelong, which is a port city. We got a recommendation from a local that Geelong Waterfront is a great place to visit. It’s a popular tourist area and we enjoyed a nice picnic by the water. It was also not too hot, and still windy, so all felt really nice 🙂

Mum got really innovative and put fried rice into a cardboard box so we could bring it around haha.


Since Geelong is a port city, you can get to the waterfront easily. You can pretty much stop by anywhere with a carpark and walk around! I was very happy to see an empty area so we could take a time with our photos and chill out without having care about anyone else haha. It is really windy by the waterfront though, so get your windbreakers ready!

We didn’t get to see the fancy side of Geelong Waterfront, which is bustling with tourist activity. There’s even a grand ferris wheel at the waterfront. But it definitely looks like an exciting place to visit! Geelong definitely looks like a chill port city to spend your afternoon 🙂



With love,