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Walking on glass | Tower Bridge, London

It’s hard not to think of the London Bridge (that was falling down) when you think of the ‘most famous bridge of London’. But I’m sure that impression will change once you get to London, and get to see the Tower Bridge for yourself. Other than the actually dull-looking London Bridge, the grand design of the Tower Bridge itself will prove that it’s the undeniable icon of London.

The Tower Bridge is a combined bascule and suspension bridge opened in 1894 to ease road traffic without blocking the river access. It goes over the River Thames, for cars and pedestrians. If you want to see the Tower Bridge open up its gates for ships to pass through, there is a set schedule for it that is available here!

The bridge is located near the Tower of London and gives you the top view of London’s cityscape along the river.

There was a little queue to get tickets before you queue again for the lift to get up the Tower Bridge. There is a Tower Bridge Exhibition along the top of the bridge, which tells you about the history of the bridge, and also highlights some of the greatest bridges in the world.

The ticket gives you access to the top of the tower, where there are air-conditioned walkways, and also access to the Victorian Engine Rooms, where the steam engines that once powered the bridge lifts in the past. The exhibition included a video of how the Tower Bridge was built, and credits the people responsible for the amazing concept.

Look at that tan line though LOL

Ever since I last visited the Tower Bridge in 2012, the attraction has since added a glass walkway to their exhibition walkway on top of the tower. I haven’t been on a glass walkway before, so I was interested to see it for myself.

It’s just a small section of the walkway, so you can always walk by on the sides if you don’t want to step on the glass haha! It was interesting getting to see all the people and cars going by below the bridge. We could even wave at some of the people taking pictures of the glass walkway from the bottom!

You can sit on the glass walkway and get your pictures taken, or if it isn’t too crowded, spend some time people- or car-watching for a while. The Tower Bridge sure looks majestic from a distance, but it’s definitely worth buying a ticket to discover the history and the makings of the bridge too! It lets you appreciate the beauty of the attraction in another light. 🙂

The Tower Bridge has also recently been awarded the TripAdvisor 2015 Certificate of Excellence, in case you were looking for more reasons to visit hahaha.

Oh and I also fell victim to cute designer merchandise at the gift shop.

Tower Bridge London

Tower Bridge Exhibition, Tower Bridge Road
London, SE1 2UP, United Kingdom.
Admission fee: Adults: £9; Children (5-15 y/o): £3.90; Students & Seniors: £6.30
Opening hours: April-September (Summer): 1000-1730; October-March (Winter): 0930-1700
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