Maybe that’s why we work.

I don’t believe in promises of the romantic ‘forever and always’, but I do believe in making promises to put effort into the relationship. As every couple does, things are not always rosy. There are bound to be fights, misunderstandings, and the occasional tantrums or bickering.

Each time that happens, I feel like shit. But after the misunderstandings are resolved, I feel much better. That’s the way it should be right? Each time I am reminded of how lucky I am to be with this guy. This guy who constantly treats me with such patience, even though I am such a huge burden at times, especially with my sensitive and over-thinking self.

I’m thankful that despite all that heightened emotions and toughened defence mechanisms, we still manage to clear things up and conclude on a good note. If both are willing to make an effort, things will always have a way of working out. And I am always reassured that it is such.

“Maybe that’s why we work,” I said to a close friend.

With love,