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My first juicing experience | Elixir Juice

I had my first juicing experience when I got to review Elixir Juice for my article. It was only delivered to me the day before, and I spent my day drinking the juices. The recommendation was to start to drink the juices on an empty stomach and to finish each juice at 2 hours apart. Obviously 4 juices was way too little to last me for a day, so I did get to munch on something for dinner!

My favourite part of juicing?

I get to benefit from all the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables that I wouldn’t normally consume in a day. My diet doesn’t consist of much fruits and vegetables in the first place, so the juices helps complement that deficiency. You get much more nutrients from drinking the juices than eating solid foods all day.

So I guess you have a whole lot to benefit from for going on a juice cleanse once in a while, or even just getting one bottle as a mid-day refresher! Drinking juices also allows the nutrients to be absorbed way faster in the digestive system, much better than solid food, that takes longer to digest.

Also since I’m not a big fan of vegetables, the vegetable juices actually don’t taste too bad, especially when they’re mixed with fruits as well! ‘Eating’ vegetables was made way easier by drinking the cold-pressed juices hahaha. Though I’d definitely pick the fruity juices in a heartbeat.

It wasn’t too much of a pleasant experience because I was the only one in the house juicing, while the rest of my family were getting takeout and enjoying all the sinful foods on the earth. But oh wells, I did feel good knowing that I was drinking juices that were good for my body, like improving my immunity, meeting my nutrients intake requirement and eliminating the stored toxins in my body.

Who knows, I might actually try this out again, and this time on my own accord.

With love,