My camera roll: January 2016

The month of January has simply flew by and I’m glad to say it was fun-filled with happy memories as I looked back. Happy first three weeks into my final semester of university, and also looks like I’ve spent much time with the boy this month.

  • Lift selfies after my yoga session and getting my healthy takeaway lunch 😛
  • Prawning with the cousins and plus-ones, and other friends on a Friday night
  • Letting yb use my Mac for a while since his laptop died. After he got me a waffle from Deck heh.
  • To commemorate the $132 I spent on buying two psychology textbooks + online access codes to learning portals. #daylightrobbery
  • Finally got to watch Bel play the harp after so long!
  • The pretty girl after her performance with her sunflowers from us heh.
  • Relaxed mornings because I woke up on time.
  • Happy selfies with Yb after disturbing him in hall hahaha, looking shag as hell.
  • Friday selfies because…Friday? TGIF!
  • Helping out at Brenda’s FSP event, food-tasting for workers at Tuas! Yes freaking Tuas LOL.
  • Completely all out with our food!
  • Late night studying, reading my expensive psych textbook (yes I won’t shut up about the price)
  • Happy selfies before leaving the house for dinner
  • Menya Musashi for dinner with my favourite girls. Ramen *-* Also got 2x the size with Bel hehe.
  • Supporting Yb and TH at their IHG finals. Got to take a photo to commemorate.
  • New shoes Mum bought me from Korea.
  • My sneaky Friday selfie again.
  • And my #ootd 🙂
  • Friday is waffle day, having fresh waffles from Deck to curb the hunger during lectures!
  • Fridays are also rainy days, and thank goodness I got a ride from my mum.
  • Opened our sun roof (or in this case, rain roof)

Going forward to welcome February, starting with career fair, then much awaited Chinese New Year festivities, and getting a hang of all the assignments and workload about to come!

With love,