Through the best & worst times

Went back to DHS last Saturday thanks to Ms Fang for jio-ing us. Sat in at the DHSBT Welcome Tea this year, and saw so many batches of juniors that I no longer even recognise. It was super surreal and as the teachers and team captains gave their pep talks before the season started this year, I also thought back on my experience with the team.

Marcus gave a mini speech to the juniors as the ‘eternal leader’ (hahaha) and talked about how friendships with our teammates were the greatest takeaway from playing badminton. And I so totally agree.

 (This is a nice photo but idk why Jas is facing the wrong way LOL)

Through the six years that I was in the badminton team, I went through ups and downs with how I felt about the team and the entire CCA. There was definitely a time in my life where I seriously found them annoying as hell (lol), and also a time where I always looked forward to trainings and anything badminton-related.

But I think at the end of the day we are still tight because of all the memories we have. 

I don’t have the photos we took with Ms Fang on Saturday, so that old photo from Taiwan will have to do. And we can finally say that we have 多年的感情 heh.


With love,