Kensington Palace London Britain

The home of Queen Victoria

Kensington Palace was opened since 1899, and was a favourite royal residence for many successive sovereigns. It was where Queen Victoria was born, spent her childhood, and received notice of her accession.

Although being open to the public for visits, Kensington Palace is still a working Royal residence in London. It contains offices and London residences for many members of the royal family, and the historical parts of the palace are open for visitors.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Gardens, London W8 4PX, United Kingdom
Nearest tube station: High Street Kensington (District & Circle Line) or Queensway (Central Line)
Admission fees: £16.50 (Adults); £13.70 (Students & Senior Citizens); Free for kids
Book online for cheaper prices!
Opening hours: 1000 – 1700

I’ve talked about how intrigued I am of the history of places, and especially of the British royalty. Yibo and I had a free afternoon after getting our things into the Airbnb apartment, and I realised we weren’t too far away from Kensington Gardens, where the Kensington Palace was located! We rushed there so we had enough time to go around the palace before the closing time. These places close way early at 5pm, remember to plan your visits early!

 Kensington Gardens looked absolutely beautiful from the palace, and the carpet grass made it so nice for an impromptu picnic and spending some time basking in the sun. It felt really relaxing walking through the park. The cool weather was also great for cycling and roller-blading.

I prefer London’s cool-yet-sunny summers than Singapore’s humid weather any day. It also connects to Hyde Park so if you thought you could cover the entire park space within a leisurely stroll, you should be prepared to stroll for quite a few hours.

The King’s Staircase

The tour of Kensington Palace takes place in five sections: The King’s Staircase, The King’s State Apartments, The Queen’s State Apartments, The King’s Gallery, and the sunken garden.

I thoroughly enjoyed walking through and seeing the State Apartments simple because of how majestic everything looked. Every part of the rooms carried such deep stories about all the Kings and Queens who once resided in Kensington Palace.

There was a special exhibition in Kensington Palace called Fashion Rules. It featured dresses of Her Majesty herself, Princess Margaret and Diana, Princess of Wales, worn since the 50s. It was a spectacular exhibition, it was not like any other fashion exhibition.

Unlike dresses that celebrities wear on red carpets, the ones that are worn by royalty are just different. Portraying elegance and beauty through the classic designs, each dress looked way exquisite. I totally enjoyed the exhibit. Also, each dress is only worn once, such is the life of a royal (or a celebrity too, actually).

With William & Kate pillows haha
Paper dolls the little Princes & Princesses used to play with.
Glorious display at the gift shop. Fighting my urges to grab everything.

Looking at all the exhibits were really interesting and an eye opener. Walking into the hall in which Queen Victoria received news of her father’s death, and the news that she was going to ascend the throne, and even seeing the old piano that Queen Victoria and Prince Albert used to play on. It was so surreal how much history the entire place holds. If you’re really into such historical places, please do take out some time to visit Kensington Palace!

The King’s Gallery

We had a lovely afternoon spent at Kensington Palace and Kensington Garden. The weather was great and it wasn’t too crowded. Anything related to the royalty gets me all intrigued and attracts my attention. If you share these same interests, try to make a trip to all the Historic Royal Palaces! Go to their official website to find out more about all the royal attractions!

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