valentine's day weekend 2016

Valentine’s Day weekend with the best

I had the best Valentine’s Day weekend this year, and I think Yibo and I both needed this. We have spent way too many years letting Valentine’s Day slip by, and this year we managed to do something nice for each other. Our entire weekend burnt spending time with family and each other. We didn’t get any school work done but it was all worth it, I guess. 🙂

Saturday was spent with the cousins and extended family at my cousin’s place. Finally came around to watching 《我们的少女时代》 and played mahjong till late. Happy that Yibo was able to come and be a part of all of it.

Sunday kicked off with a Japanese lunch buffet at Kuishin Bo Restaurant with the family + Yibo to celebrate my sister turning 18 last week! Serious Japanese food cravings satisfied, and loads of family quality time to top it all off.

 Made a spontaneous decision to drive Yibo back to hall and I managed to see his face as he saw what I did to his room HAHA. Of course he was annoyed at the semi-PDA but I know he’s feeling happy inside pfft.

Thank you for the not one, but two roses this year dear LOLLL, and for sticking around xx


With love,