chinese new year 2016

Chinese New Year feels everywhere

Hope everyone had more than fulfilling CNY celebrations, although this year’s festivities had to be cut short due to the less than sufficient two-day public holiday… Every CNY is filled with new clothes, sinful goodies, like my favourite bakkwa, and plenty of selfies! I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

day 1

Second stop of visiting in the first day of the Lunar New Year (初一) at my grandma’s house to eat her yummy prawn mee. We also make group family photos a must now!

Settling at Rachel’s house at the end of the day, with the company of our family friend Mike & Ann, who came all the way from England! The stirring & tossing of yusheng before dinner was as usual, really loud and really messy, but that’s the whole point right? I think more lands on the table than the plate, which I guess sums up our energy levels.

day 2

Highlight of day 2 (初二) was the massive gathering at NSRCC with as widely extended a family as you can imagine. And of course with all that space we used the opportunity to squeeze everyone in one photo, and looking forward to many more +1s who will join us in the future 🙂

Chinese New Year was so crazy short and I wished we had more time to chill out but…duty (as a student) calls. It’s also the reason why this post comes a whole week later after the actual celebrations. With that, till the next new year.

With love,