Petrified forest Great Ocean Road

Being excited by wind turbines

I remember looking out of the window and seeing the wind turbines from a distance, and in an instant I got real excited and wanted to photograph them but they were too far away. And that’s how we started chasing the wind turbines on the road. To get photos of them.

Little did we know that our destination, Cape Bridgewater, brought us right next to those humongous wind turbines!!

We were heading towards Cape Bridgewater to see the Blowholes and the Petrified Forest. I’m guessing because of how crazy windy it was there, it is the best place to have wind turbines. They were really huge, I actually felt quite intimidated when we stepped up to the huge structures. They were towering over us omg, it looked way better from a distance I guess.

We got to Cape Bridgewater after passing all the wind turbines and got to see the beautiful coast. It was very windy and I had to get my hair in a ponytail before I got violently slapped by my hair. The skies were also really pretty and it made our visit 10x better immediately.

 We didn’t actually get to witness any blowhole action, but it was still a pretty sight to look at. The Petrified Forest however, looked very amusing to me, although I didn’t know what to expect when I saw a sign for the ‘Petrified Forest’! Each of the formations looked like a little tree stump, which my sisters and I found great joy stepping in. I guess when a spot is quite boring to photograph, you get creative!

Cape Bridgewater (Blowholes + Petrified Forest)

Blowholes Rd, Cape Bridgewater VIC 3305, Australia
Open all day, but recommended to go during daylight hours
No admission fees!
(The Petrified Forest is a 10 mins walk from the Blowholes lookout points!)

By the way, all photos of me are taken by this little creature that is my baby sister (who is no longer a baby). Like me, or because of me, she’s also pretty intrigued with photography and enjoys tagging along with me as I try to take photos around the place.

Sorry that these Great Ocean Road posts are taking so long to get up – there are way too many photos for me to post up in one go! We thoroughly enjoyed this summer road trip along the Great Ocean Road, and I can’t wait for our next family adventure.

I think my favourite part about the trip was that there were no crowds at all, I mean, there weren’t many. Especially when we stopped by the roads for a photo or two, the roads are literally empty. Having grown up in the city, I guess being able to drive miles and miles and not see a single soul is quite a cheap thrill for us.

I’m now remembering a conversation with Devika, where she said she enjoyed the crowds in Singapore (which annoys me), and how I said that I was looking forward to going on a road trip and be in minimal crowds. It’s nice to get away from the city once in a while, wayyyyy refreshing.



With love,