victor harbour strawberry farm australia

Strawberries of our labour

My sisters and I looked forward to this activity so much throughout the entire trip because my mum had been hyping it up. I’m personally not a huge fan of strawberries, but I was excited to be doing any form of fruit picking either way! Plus don’t strawberries look so beautiful in the photos?? I’m sure strawberry picking will be way more exciting for all the strawberry lovers out there!

Harvest the Fleurieu (Pick-Your-Own)

2256, Victor Harbor Rd, Mount Compass SA 5210, Australia
Opening hours: 0900 – 1600 (Everyday)
Cost (AUD): $3.50 per head, $10 per 1kg punnet
(Children under the age of 10 are free; No time limit for picking your own)
Website | Facebook

We drove about 5-10mins from the central of Victor Harbour to this strawberry farm just along the side of the road. It wasn’t crowded, and there was ample parking, which was perfect for everyone.

The place was called Harvest the Fleurieu, and it is easily spotted while you’re driving. You simply pay for a plastic container at the booth, and start picking! Simple ground rules: Pick those that are red and do not cross over the plants to get to different lanes.

However, if you’re just making a quick stop to buy some strawberries for the road, you may pick some up at the booth, where their friendly staff will greet you! But simply for the experience, make time to pick your own strawberries 🙂

Rows after rows of shrubs filled with bright red strawberries ready for your picking. We had a specific goal: To pick the biggest and brightest strawberries. I felt mixed feelings, between wanting to jump in and pick as many as I can, and wanting to slow down with the picking just to prolong our experience. Remember to pluck the berry from its stem, or else you might break it and it wouldn’t last as long (or look as nice).

The strawberry farm was pretty huge, we had plenty of space to take loads of pictures. Everything looked pretty photogenic eh? There was a whole section of the farm reserved for visitors to pick their own strawberries, and the rest of the farm had workers picking the rest of the strawberries to sell at the booth.

We ended our strawberry-picking with two realllllllllly full punnets, and pockets full of strawberries! We also ate some of the strawberries as we went along, and I’m sure you can get away with a couple. So far we’ve accomplished orange- and strawberry-picking, and the next on my list is apple-picking! To more summer adventures to come 🙂

With love,