My camera roll: February,

I know February is the shortest month of the year, and yet I found it so damn long and jam-packed. And how I have so many photos this month. Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day were the highlights of last month, and wow I can’t believe it all went by so quickly.

  • #ootd, happy first day of February!
  • Met with pretty skies on my way home
  • Old school swings
  • On a photo frenzy one afternoon
  • #ootd once again, my favourite printed top – perfect for exam days LOL
  • My shadow (self)
  • Trying to start a trend here hahaha
  • Anddd the start of the CNY feasting: Steamboat is my favourite *-*
  • Walking the many dogs Brenda had over for dog-sitting during CNY eve
  • Car selfies while on the way to more visiting
  • Dressed all in white for CNY this year. Haha practicing to be each other’s bridesmaids 😛
  • Sluggish outfit for sluggish school days~
  • Gloomy skies for gloomy feels~
  • Took this while parked outside TH, after setting up Yb’s room for Vday
  • Enjoying my favourite CNY snack – sinful bak kwa
  • And then acting cool in the mirror
  • Dessert platter at Kuishin-Bo *-*
  • Vday selfie because it’s mandatory on Vday HAHA
  • Taking pictures of my roses because they wither fast and it’s mandatory to take pictures before they do :’)
  • Waiting in the car for Yibo before I chauffeured Yibo back to hall to see what I did to his room
  • To capture all the glory from the start of the day before school work drowns me
  • Cute letter boxes against a trusty red brick wall at my workplace 🙂
  • You might be sick of this background but this is the only mirror in my house that has good lighting
  • Meeting the girls for a quick lunch catch-up 🙂
  • Having neither pies nor coffee at Pies & Coffee
  • While waiting for the bus under the sweltering heat at the bus stop
  • Successfully helped Yibo’s hall friends surprise him on his birthday LOL the room now looks ridiculous
  • Happy with my new denim skirt hehe. ASOS hauls whoop.

It pours almost every Friday as I make my way home after my lecture at 6pm, and I loved how the car lights look behind the wet windows.

  • Going for a CNY gathering at my mum’s friend’s place
  • Sending Bel off for her exchange at Poland! 3 of us left now.
  • Pretty view of MBS from the restaurant where I had dinner with Yb’s family
  • Massive pizza at Peperoni Pizza at Suntec with the CNM peeps :’) XXL pizza wowz
  • Not full attendance but we still had a great time, till next time~
  • Selfie with my NUS hall tee that Yibo ordered for me LOL

Study date with Yibo at his place. The condo looks like a freaking holiday resort. Such serenity. Everywhere I looked was a photo opportunity. I took more than six but six will have to do.

March was pretty memorable for the first few weeks. I started looking out for job opportunities last month and got a part-time internship offer with a magazine. I’ve started work this Monday and am so excited to see what it holds!
I also hate how this February post is so late. March just rolled in without me even noticing. Recess week was a week-long time-out from lessons, but it sure wasn’t a break from submissions, assignments and midterms. To anyone thinking of taking two content-heavy psych mods, and two non-examinable assignment-based mods, don’t. In other news, I am quite enjoying my assignments and classes in my last semester of school.

Let’s take on March.


With love,