My favourite stationery flatlay

My favourite stationery and other trinkets

As my Valentine’s day roses were withering and drooping, I decided to make good use of the rose petals before I had to throw them away. I got creative and ended up taking pictures of some of my favourite things on my desk. So I figured, why not make a blog post out of it too?

My favourite store to go to for stationery and pretty trinkets is kikki.K, a boutique stationery store from Sweden. They have a beautiful flagship store at Ion Orchard, and ever since the first time I’ve walked in, I’ve fallen in love with everything in there LOL. And I’m also such a sucker for everything pretty and well-designed, especially stationery. I literally have a few notebooks that look pretty and not even used yet.

But anyhoo, here are some of my favourite stationery that I’ve bought 🙂 

kikki.K’s Wooden Alphabet & Stamp Set: Confetti – S$24.90

I admit, this was an impulse buy because just look how nice it looks?! To be fair though, I have been using it to decorate my planner and cards. Making full use of these stamps 🙂 I might be looking in to buying different coloured ink pads in time to come hehe. I loved the font of this stamp set very much and they are really easy to use. Just gently dab the stamp onto the ink pad, and you’d have to dry it out on a spare piece of paper after stamping it. It’s of great quality and I’ve not regretted my purchase hehe.

Johanna Basford’s Enchanted Forest colouring book (Paperback) – S$18

As such a huge lover of pretty stationery and trinkets, how can I not have a colouring book right? I actually bought this while I was in London, because I saw it in every book store we walked into, and I couldn’t resist in the end. I haven’t used it to its full capacity, but I’ve started colouring into the book. I’m still in the process of looking for some good quality colour pencils though. The quality of the pages are real good for colouring, meaning it absorbs ink well, and the paper is thick enough to not show on the other side. It makes me happy just flipping through the colouring book.

kikki.K’s Felt Tip Pens (10pk) – S$16.90

These felt tip pens worked really well for my colouring book! In fact, it’s what I’ve been using for colouring while I’m looking for  new colouring pencils. The range of colours are great and the small tip is ideal for writing cards and decorating as well. I would want a bigger range of colours though.

Ardium Cordwain Journal/Scheduler (Medium) – S$39.59

I decided on this soft leather journal the moment I set my eyes on it. It’s an undated journal, so you have to fill in the dates on your own. It’s pretty much an empty shell for you to get creative with the decorating! It’s real good quality. The only down-side of the journal is that the space for daily notes are rather small, as you can see in the picture above. I bought on a Ardium’s Korean site through Rachel, while she was there on exchange, and I think it cost me about S$21.50 (17,900 won)!

The Paper Stone Felt Heart Stickers – S$2.90

 The Paper Stone has the cutest stickers, and I made the mistake of buying a membership card from there, when I hardly even buy anything from there anymore oops. I love these felt heart stickers so much, and I use it for every single card I send out! I even used it as desk decoration when I was photographing my juices for my article. Unfortunately though, The Paper Stone no longer carries this sticker set, which makes me very sad. If only I knew it was going to be discontinued, I would’ve stockpiled a few LOL. Anyhow, The Paper Stone has many other cute stickers!

Bright-coloured post-its

Post-its are the way to go alright. Ever since A-level times, I’ve been a great fan of using post-its to keep my to-do lists, especially during exam periods. I like a good regular bright-coloured square post-it, simple to paste in my journal, or anywhere for that matter. I used to cover my walls with my A-levels exam prep, and wow I lived and breathed those notes. I recently also bought heart-shaped post-its in time for Valentine’s Day, which I used to cover Yibo’s hall room in!

Rilakkuma Sticky Tabs

I got this as part of my Rilakkuma-themed present on my 18th birthday, and evidently I haven’t used it as much because I can’t bear to use it too much. I’ve been using it pretty sparingly over the years. I can’t find this exact design on the Internet, but Rilakkuma merchandise can be found in many stores in Singapore. I go in occasionally for a little browse LOL. Window shopping at its best.

Colourful Washi Tape (10) – S$12

This is the most unused item on the list, yet it still made into my favourites list because of how satified I feel looking at the range of colours. The pastel colours are so pretty and I should probably think of creative ways to put them to good use.

I’ve been wanting to go to kikki.K to check out their sale items but I haven’t found the time to go to town. If I do, I’m sure I’ll buy enough to write up another blog post! I’ll have my wallet rest up until then.



With love,