My fashion inspirations

I recently attended the PR Awards organised by the company, and had to dress up according to the theme “Kaleidoscope of Colours”…and I had a fashion crisis. Hahahaha.

It has been pointed out to me that I naturally gravitate to clothes that are black and white, or right now of solid colours too. I have to put it out there that I do wear clothes with colours, but none of which are glamourous or seemed to fit a kaleidoscope.

I was able to put together an appropriate outfit for the evening in the end. Points for effort right?

Reflecting back to my wardrobe and my general style choices, I do gravitate towards the greyscale and other solid colours. I also wish so badly that I live in a country where the air is cooler and less humid, so that I can layer up and explore many more style options. Singapore is…way too hot, even a cardigan gets way too much.

I guess there is a running theme with my outfits. I am somehow in love with white tops & A-line skirts recently, and I’ve been wanting to pair every single top with my jeans, but Singapore’s too humid for skin tight denim.

These are few of the Instagram accounts I follow which I absolutely love:

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